Who is Fresh Premier, LLC and What do they do?

Fresh Premier, LLC is a South Florida based real estate investment firm and Virtual Customer Service company.  In real estate we primarily focus on wholesale properties, while our Virtual Customer Service portion of the company hires Independent Contractors to work form home.

How We Help?...

     Real Estate --
  We buy houses fast and easy, often in as little as seven (7) days.  We can close quickly and most importantly, relieve your stress
                                 and help you regain peace of mind.

     Virtual Customer Service -- We provide our agents an opportunity to work form home on their own schedule.  Our agents provide virtual BPO services,
                                  including high quality voice, email, chat and mobile customer service, sales and technical support.

We Have Solutions to Most Problems...

     Real Estate --     
* Foreclosure                    * Estate Sale                        * Job Transfer                   * No Equity                   * Bad Tenants                  
                                       * Bankruptcy                     * Behind in Payments         * Divorce                                             * Expired listing with Realtor                             
                                       * Two or more mortgage payments                             * Fire or Water Damage                  * Inheritance of a property you don't want              

      Virtual Customer Service --       * Unemployed                         * Disabled                    * Stay at home parent                                                            
                                                                   * College Student                   * Needs to work on flexible schedules 

Real Estate Only

Are You looking to Buy or Invest?...

After registering on our Preferred Buyer's List, you will receive an email property alert for each property that is available.  The alert will include a description of the property, suggested repairs, the wholesale price, pictures, and most recent sales in the area (when available).

What Do I Do Once I Identify a Property I like?...

It is as easy as 1...2...3... Simply send a Letter of Intent (LOI) by email or fax to us. This letter must include the price being offered, the terms of the payment, and how quickly you can close.  If your offer is accepted, you must be able to provide a deposit of no less than $5,000 (non-refundable) by cashier's check or wired funds within one business day.

Virtual Customer Service Only

I am interested in working, how do I get more information?...

Click on the tab above "Virtual Customer Service" to view more information.

How can I contact Fresh Premier, LLC?...

Telephone: 1 (754) 200-1848

Email:  freshpremier@gmail.com

Mail: P.O. Box 18022
        West Palm Beach, FL 33416

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